What to Expect

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here at The Door. We are not just a church, but a body of believers that extends the grace and love of Jesus just as it has been extended to us. Our mission is to be fishers of men and “Connect People Back To God”. 

This is done by allowing the Holy Spirit to create a Godmosphere where you and your family can encounter the presence of God in meaningful ways. So whether you’re brand new to church or you’ve been around church for a while; we want to extend a warm “Welcome” to you. 

From the moment you enter our doors, loving and friendly people will welcome you and answer any questions you may have. 

What is our Worship like?

Worship is all about God! It’s about who He is, “The I AM THAT I AM”,  what He has done, is doing and will do as the Holy Spirit intersects the lives of those who will open their hearts to Him. When we stop to ponder His goodness and majesty; the only response is worship. Ascribing value, worth, honor and praise to God–that is worship. Our praise and worship team is anointed to lead God’s people into His presence. It is the anointing that destroys every yolk. Join us as we lift up the name of Jesus and exalt the true & living God!


We want you to feel comfortable

At Open Door, first time visitor’s will not be asked to introduce themselves or say where they’re from. We only ask you to stand so that we may acknowledge you by giving you a gift. If you prefer not to stand, we understand.

Service Time

Our Sunday Morning’s begins with prayer at 9:30 am. It is fire and encourages you to join in. At 10:00 am we flow right into our Morning Worship Services. Children are dismissed from the Sanctuary at 10:45 am and returned at 12:00 pm before dismissal.

Am I’m obligated to give

Here at The Door, we do believe in giving offering, but this is for our members and regular attendees as part of their commitment to God and the church. As a visitor, you are not obligated to make any donations unless you desire to do so.


Open Door Worship Center Inc. is currently located at the Carson Civic Center * 801 E. Carson St., Carson Ca in the Dominguez room. Parking is located in the back for quicker access to the room.  

  “Connecting People Back to God”